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Ya'ax Hotel Bouitique

Ya'ax Hotel Boutique is an exclusive jewel located in the Historic Center of the city of Mérida, just two blocks from the picturesque Mejorada Park and also two blocks from the Peón Contreras Theater It is the headquarters of the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Yucatan.

Ya'ax was previously the gallery of a painter, sculptor and the original house dating from the early nineteenth century was restored by craftsmen using regional techniques and local materials to preserve their Yucatecan heritage. The new construction merges with the original house where Ya'ax successfully combines the atmosphere of the past with the development of the present.

Ya'ax has a Spa that will delight your stay, an outdoor pool to enjoy the eternal summer in Merida, the cozy bar and the Restaurant Ch'ooj, gastronomic gallery that promises an innovative and exclusive culinary experience.

The Ya'ax Restaurant," Ch'ooj Gastronomic Gallery "with its signature cuisine prepared by our Chef behind A glass wall promises an innovative and exclusive culinary experience using local ingredients with daily freshness.

Speaking English and Spanish, the staff is always available to help with the reception. 24 hours.

 Ya'ax a unique place for unique people.